FAI Free Flight World Cup 2013


Report of the FAI Jury on Norwegian Cup 2013

Last update of this page: 3 July 2013
CompetitionNorwegian Cup 2013, Rinkaby in Sweden
FAI Jury members

1. Vegar Nereng, Norway

2. Per Findahl Sweden

3. Jari Valo Finland.

Advance information

In CIAM calendar, and web site of Norwegian Cup together with Swedish and Danish Cup.

Schedule of competition

Briefing 0730 30.06.2013 and start of competition 0800

Duration of rounds

1 Hour

Breaks between rounds

30minute between 1 and 2 round, 15 minute between 2 and 3 round.

Maximum durations in each round

2minute, due to the strong wind and bad direction of the wind.

Interruptions and delays

After round 3 we make a break to kl 20:00, due to the heavy rain and stronger wind. Then we start direct to 7min. Flyoff, when the wind speed had decrease and the wind direction make it possible.

Weather and visibility

Wind up to 7,5m/sec. rain and 11 Celsius in 3 first round, at flyoff wind between 3- 4.5 m/sec. no rain, but cloudy, last flyoff finished 15 minute before sunset.

Flight line - changes of position

One line, no fixed poles. New flight line at Flyoff.

Number of starting poles

Flight line 100 meters

Number of competitors per pole

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

5 rounds which change to 3 rounds, and time keeping.

Observations on timekeeping

Visibility good and binoculars available for all timekeepers, some spot check of timekeeping from CD during the contest.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Prize giving on the field after competition.
Full name and licence numbers for all competitors.

Any incident or accident




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