FAI Free Flight World Cup 2013


Report of the FAI Jury on Sierra Cup 2013

Last update of this page: 22 October 2013
Competition2013 Sierra Cup
FAI Jury members

1. Roger Simpson USA (President)

2. Jim Parker USA

3. Roger Morrell USA

Advance information

On International Schedule/entries through internet/some entries sent to non-PC flyers

Schedule of competition

Sunday 10/13 Mini Events F1G F1H F1G F1J/P
Monday 10/14 F1A F1B F1C F1Q

Duration of rounds

1 hour rounds. 5 7 9 minute flyoffs

Breaks between rounds

None Scheduled except for fly offs

Maximum durations in each round

First round maxes F1A, 210 seconds, F1B 240 seconds, F1C 240 seconds, and F1Q 180 all rounds. Rounds 2-7 180 seconds all events Flyoffs 5 minute then 7 minute 9 minute rounds same day.

Interruptions and delays

No delays in F1A,B,C,Q or P or mini events. All events decided the day of the event-no morning flyoff.

Weather and visibility

Good weather for entire contest.stretch of weather for entire week. No models lost out of sight.

Flight line - changes of position

All regular rounds flown from same line. Move made a mile upwind for flyoffs in big events with jury approval after round 7.

Number of starting poles

7 for F1A / 7 for F1B / F1C and mini events flown from line due to number of flyers

Number of competitors per pole

3-4 per pole with most poles at 4

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code


Observations on timekeeping

A time your pole mates contest (fly one and time one) with no controversy noted, including F1C engine timing.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Gold Silver and Bronze Medals to places 1-3 with first place receiving glass Championís Trophy, Top Junior F1A and F1B-approximate value $1168. Results sent e-mail

Any incident or accident

None reported


None recorded

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