FAI Junior World Championship Indoor class F1D 2014

Held at Slanic, Romania from April 1 to April 5

Report of the FAI Jury is available

Flight times are given for each of the 6 rounds in 'min.sec' form. The total of the two best times is given in the right hand column

Individual results

PlaceNameCountryFlight 1Flight 2Flight 3Flight 4Flight 5Flight 6Score
1Evan GuyettUSA1.147.1731.2031.1432.3731.3064.07
2Calin BulaiROU29.0630.0528.2031.3030.5032.3464.04
3Antonin RicouFRA0.3424.0418.1928.1629.3130.4660.17
4Filip Gheorghe TatuROU27.1126.2219.3117.1222.0332.0459.15
5Francois DubleFRA26.4927.1727.1627.2923.5923.5654.46
6Royce ChungUSA20.1321.5527.5526.000.000.3153.55
7David ArjanROU25.0226.2326.3525.320.000.0052.58
8Florian MaurinFRA19.5519.1016.383.4521.0616.3741.01
No. of best flts in round002123
No. of second best flts in round220211
No. of scoring flights in round222334
No. of flights over 20 min 56566533
No. of flights over 25 min 44563426
No. of flights over 30 min 01122410
Longest single flight 32.37 by Evan Guyett

Team Results

CountryAbbreviationTotalRound-by-round places
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