FAI Free Flight World Cup 2021


Report of the FAI Jury on West Bohemian World Cup 2021

Last update of this page: 22 September 2021
CompetitionWest Bohemia World Cup, Všechov, Czechia, 19/9/2021
FAI Jury members

1. Allard van Wallene (NED)

2. Adam Krawiec (PL)

3. Jan Vosejpka (CZ)

Advance information

FAI calendar, web-page, Facebook

Schedule of competition

Round 1: 08:45-09:45, Round 2: 10:00-11:00, Round 3: 11:00-12:00, Round 4: 12:00-13:00, Round 5:13:00-14:00, round 6: 15:10-16:10
Altimeter- Fly-off: F1B: 18:10 (by majority decision of contestants)
10 min. fly off for F1Q: 18:10 (all participants decided themselves to DT at 2 minutes)
Altimeter fly off F1A: 17:50 (by majority decision of contestants)

Duration of rounds

1 hour

Breaks between rounds

See above schedule

Maximum durations in each round

All rounds 180 s

Interruptions and delays

Delay of first and 6th round due to weather and field conditions

Weather and visibility

Cloudy, 10 – 15°C, good visibility, wind: 3-5 m/s, direction NW-NNE

Flight line - changes of position

Starting poles for all classes. No fixed timekeepers. Contestants were assigned a fixed starting pole.

Number of starting poles

F1A: 8, F1B: 3, F1C: 1, F1Q: 2

Number of competitors per pole

Up to 5

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

Timekeeping by competitors.

Observations on timekeeping

Random check of timekeeping by contest director Tereza Vosejpkova

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Results continuously updated on score-board.
Prize-giving in evening on field after last fly off. Provisional results posted on Facebook

Any incident or accident

F1Q flyers decided to DT at 120 seconds without interference of contest director (max. was set at 10 minutes).


No official protests. One complaint against altimeter fly off by F1A participant who insisted to use his electronic altimeter result for the score. The request was denied, as his system was not EDIC certified (see notes below).

During the competition no official protests were filed. Some models landed in trees and between some holiday-houses downwind but could eventually all be retrieved.
The first Altimeter Fly Off in F1A and F1B classes
After the regular rounds of the West Bohemian World Cup, the wind direction and speed were such that the models would land in inaccessible terrain. The contest director decided to allow the fly off participants a choice between a regular timed fly off and an altimeter fly off by majority vote. In the F1A and F1B classes a majority chose the latter respectively. Needless to say, some participants were not happy as they did not have a certified altimeter and/or were totally unaware of this sporting code rule. Some flyers could borrow a certified altimeter from other contestants and in F1B even all flyers could be equipped with an altimeter-lipo battery unit after the F1A fly off. But in F1A some flyers entered the fly off without and from this group there were some attempts to use the result from their own non-certified altimeter. One contestant even walked up to the jury and demanded that his height at DT (35 meters claimed) would be entered in the result list. He showed a black plastic box with a display, which showed the number 35. The jury told him that his system was not certified and his number 35 as shown on his box could mean loads of other things (e.g. model number, time, box unit etc.). He was very persistent and the jury told him he could either file an official protest or else stop arguing. A height of zero meters was eventually entered in the result list and no protest was filed.
After each of the F1A and F1B fly offs, the altimeters were presented to the jury, which read the data and established the height of the models at the 2 minutes max. From two contestants the data could not be read (Kosma Huber and Volker Bajorat). From one (Huber) it later appeared his battery went flat during the fly off and no flight data were recorded. The other had a defective altimeter, but he did neither use nor test the altimeter before.
Despite the neutral air causing some models appearing to glide at similar heights, the eventual results were decisive and no tie resulted.
In F1Q the contest director set a 10-minute fly off max and all contestants DT’d at 2 minutes. The total flight time was then entered on the scorecards.

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