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Report of the FAI Jury on SPZG Cup, Antoon van Eldik Memorial 2023

Last update of this page: 28 November 2023
Competition2023 SPZG Cup, Antoon van Eldik Memorial
FAI Jury members

1. Tadeusz Milewski (POL)

2. Adam Krawiec (POL)

3. Allard van Wallene (NED)

Advance information

Facebook (SPZG Cup, Antoon van Eldik Memorial) and communicated by email to participants

Schedule of competition

5 rounds + fly off. 4 rounds were flown as caused by delayed start due to early morning fly off and altimeter readout processing.

Duration of rounds

60 minutes. Fly off in all classes except F1C on Sunday afternoon starting at 16.15 PM with 3 minutes max and altimeter.

Breaks between rounds

Lunch break at 12.00 PM.

Maximum durations in each round

All four rounds for F1A,B,C,Q was 120 seconds due to high wind speeds and field limitations. 4 rounds were flown.

Interruptions and delays

At 12.00 PM competitors were invited to get their free soup and bread offered by the organizers.

Weather and visibility

The morning conditions were cold (1 C) with max. 6 m/s. Temperature rose to 15 C. Sunny all day, no cloud cover. Wind increased to 7 m/s during the day. To allow sufficient daylight time for fly off, the competition was ended after 4 rounds.

Flight line - changes of position


Number of starting poles

F1A: 10, F1B and F1Q: 5, F1C: 2

Number of competitors per pole

Maximum 6 per pole

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

Deviations from the Sporting Code: 5 rounds were announced rather than 7 due to limited daylight time.

Observations on timekeeping

One official time keeper per pole augmented with a competitor second time keeper

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

On-field results posted on large manual scoreboard. Pictures of score board posted on Facebook. Full results published on the Tuesday after the competition.

Any incident or accident

Two competitors (Gerd and Luca Aringer) did not have a valid license. They were requested to arrange their licenses on Friday, which was confirmed on Monday


No protests

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