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Report of the FAI Jury on Bob White Memorial Max Men International 2023

Last update of this page: 26 July 2023
Competition2023 Bob White Memorial Max Men International
FAI Jury members

1. Feb 17 - Charlie Jones, Feb 18 - Mike McKeever, USA Head Jurists

2. Feb 17 - Larry Norvall, USA, Feb 18 - Jim Parker, USA

3. Feb 17 - Mike Roberts, USA, Feb 18 - Brian Van Nest, USA

Advance information

Schedule of competition

Friday February 17: F1A & F1Q
Saturday February 18: F1B, C & P
Sunday February 19: Mini Events F1G, F1H, F1S, F1J

Duration of rounds

One Hour

Breaks between rounds


Maximum durations in each round

Rounds 1 & 2 for F1ABCPQ: 240 Seconds. Rounds 3 - 7: 180 Seconds.
Flyoff Round 1: 360 seconds, Flyoff Round 2: 480 seconds, Flyoff Round 3: 600 seconds

Interruptions and delays


Weather and visibility

Variable from light overcast to bright Sunshine. Light & variable winds up to 9 MPH. Temperature was cold in the morning (as low as 25 degrees F), warmer in the early afternoons and then cooling again. No Visibility Issues.

Flight line - changes of position


Number of starting poles

F1A: 11 Poles, F1B: 12 Poles, F1C: 6 Poles, F1Q: None

Number of competitors per pole

F1A: 3-4, F1B: 3-4, F1C: 3-4, F1Q: NA

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

All 6-minute flyoffs had 1 timer due to lack of resources.
All 8-minute & 10-minute flyoffs had 2 timers

Observations on timekeeping

One issue of flight time conflict between official timer and “helper” timer. Flyer was not able to produce any electronic back-up to support “helper’s” time and timer was very sure he timed the right model. Official timer’s time was used

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Medals through third were awarded in all events. Perpetual trophies to winner in all events including Junior F1A & Junior F1B. Complete results delivered electronically.
Two Juniors in F1A: Geva Militski (ISR) & Daniel Guo (USA)
Two Juniors in F1B: Lara Horak (GER) & Ittai Kohavi (USA)

Any incident or accident

One angry conflict regarding an F1A line tangle. CD spoke with both parties and calmed situation (somewhat). Flyers were reminded that being respectful and cooperative sportsmen in such a circumstance was essential



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