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Report of the FAI Jury on Memorial 'Adriano Ghiselli' 2023

Last update of this page: 26 July 2023
CompetitionMEMORIAL ADRIANO GHISELLI 2023 Padule di Bientina, Capannori (LU), April 1-2, 2023
FAI Jury members

1. Mr. Jean Luc Bodin (FRA);

2. Mr. Umberto Fabbianelli (ITA)

3. Mr. Piber Dietmar (AUT)

Advance information

Bulletins in Italian and English languages sent 1 months before competition date. List of competitors provided daily on line.

Schedule of competition

Day1: April 1, 2023: F1A and F1C classes;
Day 2: April 2, 2023 : F1B and F1Q classes.

Duration of rounds

60 minutes reduced in exception on Saturday and Sunday from the second round to 45 min due to low wind and number of competitors.

Breaks between rounds

Included 5 min

Maximum durations in each round

F1A, F1C: 240, 240, 180, 180, 180 sec F.O. F1A: 600 sec early morning on the second day in consequence of wind progressively increased without the non available altimeter for all competitors. F1C: 1 min up to touch down for the strong wind condition, no altimeter because not available to all participants.
F1B,F1Q: 240, 240,180,180,180 Fly-off: F1B, done by using a reduced max to 120 sec measured up to touch down with competitors agreement. F1Q: during the fifth round by using altimeter 180 sec..and evidence of height.

Interruptions and delays

Day 1: in the morning start-up at 8:30 AM due to delay in registration poles positioning and fog early morning - No time breaks up to lunch time.
Day2 start-up at 8:15due to fog and F1C fly off, lunch break at 12:30 before F.O.

Weather and visibility

Day 1: partially cloudy in the morning and clear sky calm wind during the morning. High wind speed from 1:30 PM progressively increasing, started at about 5 m/sec and gusts up to 6-8 m/sec.

Flight line - changes of position

No changes

Number of starting poles

Day 1: F1A: nr. 3 + F1C: nr.1; Day 2 : F1B: nr. 2 + F1Q: nr.1.

Number of competitors per pole

Four or three of the same country where possible.

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

No deviations

Observations on timekeeping

None. Competitors and aeromodellers at poles by the organiser.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Completed mainly at the end of the second day, in advance only to one competitor for its long trip schedule . All clsses the second day F1B fly-off.
Results sent by e-mail to all participants.

Any incident or accident




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