FAI Free Flight World Cup 2005


Report of the FAI Jury on Southern Cross Cup 2005

Last update of this page: 10 April 2005
CompetitionSOUTHERN CROSS CUP Narrandera 29th- 30th March 2005
FAI Jury members

1. Adrian Bryant ( Pres )

2. Terry Bond / Stuart Sherlock

3. Roy Summersby / Vin Morgan

Advance information

Via entry form on NSW FFS web site and Program published in FFDU.
Event listed on FAI Calendar

Schedule of competition

As per program all classes 7 x 1 hour rounds

Duration of rounds

60 mins

Breaks between rounds


Maximum durations in each round

180 sec

Interruptions and delays

First round in F1A flown in strengthening wind 6-8 m/s. Competition on hold for next hour at which time the wind had reached 9-11 m/s, and by agreement the Comp was postponed until the next morning. At 0700 Wednesday 30th the wind was measured at 7-9 m/s with only a handful of F1A & F1B competitors willing to fly. By the end of the first round the wind had reached 10 m/s gusting to 12 m/s and the Comp was declared over with results taken from the rounds as flown.

Weather and visibility

Weather extreme: Winds 6-12 m/s. Visibility good some dust haze mostly clear. Models going a long way in 3 minutes.

Flight line - changes of position

None required 2km+ all directions

Number of starting poles


Number of competitors per pole

Mostly one

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

Competitors to time others

Observations on timekeeping

No problems reported (other than attempting to remain upright) all models timed to the ground.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Confirmed to CIAM and to be posted on Scat SEN. Also to be published in Free Flight Down Under. No Juniors in competition. Prizes in the form of mugs , certificates and fortified wine (mostly Vintage Port) were awarded on the field . There was no result in F1C with no flights recorded.

Any incident or accident




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