FAI Free Flight World Cup 2005


Report of the FAI Jury on Euro-Fly 2005

Last update of this page: 11 November 2005
CompetitionWorld Cup euro-fly 2005, held 5. november and 6. november 2005
FAI Jury members

1. Eggimann Walter SUI (saturday and sunday)

2. Wolfgang Gerlach GER (saturday), Kurt Sager SUI (sunday)

3. Michael Jaeckel GER (sunday)

Advance information

Informations with registration forms were published via Internet and distributed to various clubs and individual persons

Schedule of competition

5 rounds on 5. november for F1B, F1C on saturday
3 rounds on 6. november for F1A F1G on sunday

Duration of rounds

60 Minutes

Breaks between rounds

5 Minutes

Maximum durations in each round

F1B + F1C: 5 min / 4 min / 3 min / 4 min / 5 min on saturday
F1A: 3 min / 5 min / 7 min on sunday
F1G: 3 min / 3 min / 5 min on sunday

Interruptions and delays

There were no interuptions during the contests
Contests F1A and F1G started on sunday only at 1245 due to poor visibility.
Only three official rounds and one round in the F1A flyoff were flown

Weather and visibility

Saturday: rainy early morning, then clear. No wind, good visibility
Sunday: Fog in the morning. Contest started at 1245. Good visibility, no wind.

Flight line - changes of position

One position for each round

Number of starting poles

F1A: 17 / F1B: 14 / F1C: 3 / F1G: 4

Number of competitors per pole

4 to 5 per pole

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

Flexible flight times and flexible number of rounds due to the prevailing weather conditions.

Observations on timekeeping

Timekeepers were mainly members of the local ice hockey club. No problems observed. There were 2 timekeepers on each pole. Four additional timekeepers were standby for emergency cases.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Prizegiving for F1B and F1C was during the banquet on saturday evening.
Pricegiving for F1A and F1G was held after the contest on sunday
Juniors are marked on the rangking list.
Juniors in F1A are on a separate list.
Results were distributed shortly after the contests.
Number of Juniors: F1A: 13 / F1B: 5 / F1C: none / F1G: 1

Any incident or accident



We like to thank the competitors for their fairness and for the acceptance of our somewhat unusual rules.

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