FAI Free Flight World Cup 2018


Report of the FAI Jury on 49th Eifelpokal 2018

Last update of this page: 2 September 2018
CompetitionEifel-Pokal, Zülpich, Germany, 24.-26. Aug. 2018
FAI Jury members

1. F1A Bernhard Schwendemann, GER
F1B, C, Q Burkhard Müller GER

2. F1A Henk van Hoorn, NED
F1B, C, Q Oleh Pshenychnyy, UKR

3. F1A Hubert Pietzko, GER
F1B, C, Q Johannes Seren, GER

Advance information

FAI Calendar, WEB-page www.eifelpokal.de
Contest director F1B,C,Q: Jörg Schellhase
Contest director F1A: Michael Seifert

Schedule of competition

Friday F1B, C, Q from 8:00 to 17:00
Fly-off on Sunday morning at 7:00
Saturday F1A from 8:30 to 9:45 (1. round)
Sunday F1A from 8:00 to 13:00 (2. – 5. round)
no fly-off for the World-Cup
DT fly-off for the Eifel-Pokal only 13:30

Duration of rounds

most rounds: 75 min, few rounds: 60 min

Breaks between rounds

most rounds: 5 min, few rounds: no break

Maximum durations in each round

F1B, C, Q
1. – 3. round 180
4. - 7. round120
fly-off: 600 sec
1. round 180 sec
2.+3. round 240 sec
4.+5. round 180 sec
unofficial DT fly-off with 120 sec

Interruptions and delays

After one flight in F1A on Saturday morning at wind-speed between 5 m/sec and 9 m/sec, the remaining rounds were moved to the reserve day, Sunday, as the models were landing outside the competition area. Furthermore the number of rounds for F1A were reduced to 5 – in line with the bulletin

Weather and visibility

mostly sunny, sometimes covered, 5 to 20 degree C.
Wind on Friday 3 – 8 m/sec
Wind on Saturday 5 – 9 m/sec
Wind on Sunday morning fly-off 2 – 3 m/sec
Wind on Sunday 1- 3 m/sec
Wind direction diagonal to the site or along the site
Good visibility all the days

Flight line - changes of position

One time the direction of the flight line was changed for F1B,C,Q and F1A

Number of starting poles

The organizer defined groups of competitors with dedicated starting positions, xx for F1B,C,Q and xxx for F1A

Number of competitors per pole

3 to 4 competitors

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

Competitors were timing each other (one to two timekeepers). Timing check was randomly preformed on the starting line by the contest organisation.
No fly-off possible in line with the sporting code for F1A, as the wind speed was too high with forecasted increased speed for Sunday evening.
All F1A-competitors agreed to an unofficial DT fly-off – not counting for the WC, but for the prize riving of the Eifel-Pokal, only.

Observations on timekeeping

No problems observed.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Results updated on score-board at starting-line.
Results of the fly-offs were announced immediately after the end of the fly-off.
Printed version the result were available at the prize giving at 14:00

Any incident or accident

Incident: non


0 (no)

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