World Cup licence checking and F1A complaints

Ian Kaynes December 31 2018

Complaint against F1A events in Israel

Very soon after the preliminary results were issued for the Otzma and Hanukkah events in Israel in December 2018 the FAI received a complaint from Croatia that a large number of the competitors did not appear on the FAI sporting licence database. There was indeed a large proportion without licences on the database in these F1A events: 22 out of 46 in the Hanukkah and 12 out of 30 in the Otzma.

Israel explained that all members of the Aero Club automatically receive FAI Sporting Licences, but this does not excuse them from entering the details on the FAI database. CIAM could not contradict the Sporting Code and it was accepted that the complaint was valid. However, since the top places in the F1A World Cup were extremely close it was considered appropriate to apply the same stringent application of the Sporting Code to all the events which contributed points for the top three competitors. Since all three had won at least four events this involved re-assessing the 12 events which contributed to their scores.

This assessment has now been carried out and the following table show the reduction in the number of competitors made by removing those competitors who did not have a valid licence on the database at the time of the competition.

F1A Details from organiser Details after checking licences
Comp abbreviation No. flying winner No. without licences in database No. flying winner
Israel events
HN Hanakkah 46 Gorskiy 22 24 Gorskiy
OZ Otzma 30 Gorskiy 12 18 Gorskiy
Other competitions
EL Elbrus 71 Gorskiy 0 71 Gorskiy
DZ Djordje Zigic 49 Gorskiy 3 46 Gorskiy
PR Prilep 36 Gorskiy 0 36 Gorskiy
MD Macedonia 33 Gorskiy 0 33 Gorskiy
NA North America 61 Lesko 9 52 Lesko
SF Borislav Bardarov 58 Lesko 3 55 Lesko
CR Cro Cup 47 Lesko 0 47 Lesko
ZA Zabokreky 38 Lesko 1 37 Lesko
SL Salonta 88 Findahl 6 82 Findahl
BC Bear Cup 35 Findahl 0 35 Findahl
HL Holiday on Ice 19 Findahl 0 19 Findahl
DK Danish Cup 19 Findahl 0 19 Findahl
BU Bulgaria 53 Galor 3 50 Findahl

In view of the significant difference made by removal of the licences which were not on the database from the F1A results, the same approach was taken for the other classes in the two Israel competitions. The difference in these was not so great, with 2 people removed from the F1B and the F1C classes in Otzma and one from F1B at the Hanukkah.

Licence Checking

Since October 2014 the FAI Sporting Code General Section has defined that the proof of holding an FAI Licence is given by that information stored on the FAI Sporting Licence database. This applied to all airsports. From 2017 the requirement was also repeated in the CIAM General Rules.

In the earlier days the database was particularly unreliable and variable source of information and its use has always been hampered by tedious interfaces that do not support the evaluation of the licence status for a long list of people. For processing World Cup results I have generally relied on the competition organisers to confirm the validity of the Sporting Licences held by the competitors in their events. In general this has worked well . Spot checks of samples had shown a discrepancy of less than 5% between the names submitted by organisers and the ones that appear on the FAI database.

Re-assessment of World Cup results 2018

No other classes have such a close finish as that in F1A. It is thus considered unlikely any other classes would have the top results changed by re-assessing the results in other classes.

However, in keeping with the principle of accepting only competitors with sporting licences on the database, the final results list will be revised to eliminate people not on the database. This is only a post-processing of the results rather than recalculation of all events. It has been done in the most lenient way possible, by eliminating only those people who did not have a valid licence on the database at any time during 2018. This was first done in late December and has been re-assesed in maximum detail after the end of 2018. This has eliminated 9 flyers in F1A, 22 in F1B, 5 in F1B Junior, 7 in F1C, 2 in F1PJ, 4 in F1E, and 1 in F1E Junior, representing 5% of the total of the World Cup results lists.

2019 World Cup

The Coordinator proposes to check all competitors on each set of results for a valid sporting licence on the database. This will be done immediately results are received but it is anticipated that a repeat check will be made after a fixed period (possibly one month) to accommodate the fact that some NAC are slow to record licences, particularly at the start of the year and sometimes make errors in the entries. A flexible attitude will have to be taken with regard to the licence start date, since it is apparent that some NACs backdated the licence start to January 1 while others date them from the day they enter them on the database.

Complaint re DT flyoffs

A complaint was received Anton Gorskiy about the inclusion of placings obtained from flyoff procedures not defined in the Sporting Code. The complaint was referred to a World Cup Board of 3 members from the CIAM F1 Subcommittee. The Board concluded unanimously that results from flyoffs not in line with the rules should not be used to order the final results and in these cases the results should show tied positions for first place. DT flyoffs were specifically acknowledged in the Jury Report of the Equinox Cup, Swedish Cup, Danish Cup, Norwegian Cup, Izet Kurtalic, Zabropreky Cup. It is understood that a DT flyoff was also used at the Kartel Cup although not mentioned in the Jury Report.

A truncated flyoff was used at the Mura Cup although not mentioned in the Jury Report. The organiser has confirmed that at the Mura Cup in F1A and F1B competitors agreed between themselves to DT at a certain time, while the timekeepers just timed the complete flight as normal. There was no illegal instruction by the organisers. This was thus accepted by the board as conforming to the Sporting Code for regular timing of a flyoff.

The World Cup points for these events have been re-evaluated with ties for first places.

Original results Revised results
winner points Number tied Points per person
Kartel Cup F1A Huber 533 8 300
Kartel Cup F1B Krawiec 514 8 281
Equinox Cup F1A Weimer 515 6 317
Equinox Cup F1B Benns 512 6 314
Swedish Cup F1A Huber 521 5 347
Danish Cup F1A Findahl 518 4 378
Danish Cup F1B Ghio 507 5 333
Norwegian Cup F1A Polyaev 510 4 370
Norwegian Cup F1B Ghio 509 4 369
Izet Kurtalic F1A Lesko 516 2 465
Izet Kurtalic F1B Cararavdic 507 3 405
Zabropreky Cup F1A Lesko 537 23 168
Zabropreky Cup F1B Drobisz 519 7 302