FAI Free Flight World Cup 2015


Report of the FAI Jury on Kiwi World Cup 2015

Last update of this page: 21 February 2015
CompetitionF1E Kiwi Cup of New Zealand 2015
FAI Jury members

1. Henning Nyhegn, Denmark

2. Norm Furutani, USA

3. Christoph Bachmann, Switzerland

Advance information

Bulletin distributed to F1E flyers and via SCAT Electronic News

Schedule of competition

9 February 2015, 5 rounds starting at 10:00h at Holloway Hill, Lost Hills, California, USA

Duration of rounds

60 minutes

Breaks between rounds

No breaks

Maximum durations in each round

1st round to 5th round 180 seconds

Interruptions and delays

Start of competition was delayed until 10:45h because wind was from NNW. After 3 completed rounds, at 13:45h, competition was again delayed because of strong, very turbulent winds from NNW. Round 4 started at 15:11h when wind and its direction had improved. 5th round ended at 17:11h.

Weather and visibility

Temperatures from 20C to 22C, wind velocity 3.5m/s to 6.5m/s, wind direction from NNW to NE , no precipitation, excellent visibility

Flight line - changes of position

Flight line facing NNE in 1st to 3rd round, then facing NE the next 2 rounds.

Number of starting poles

Not applicable

Number of competitors per pole

Not applicable

Local rules or deviations from Sporting Code

No timers provided

Observations on timekeeping

Flights were timed by non-competitors and competitors timing each other, all using binoculars.

Prize-giving and issue of results - confirm organisers provide results with full names, nationalities and number of juniors

Results with full names, nationalities and Junior identification were available the official table after each round. Awards were given out right after round 5 to the top 3 Senior winners and also to the only Junior competitor. Results were published on SCAT Electronic News and were e-mailed to all competitors.

Any incident or accident




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